High safety and ideal space utilization

The EMECTRIC battery system was designed in the course of the development of an electric drive system for gliders. That is why this battery system is particularly characterized by its high demands on performance, weight and safety.

Shipping industry

High safety and robustness with highest performance.

The EMECTRIC battery system adapts ideally to your requirements in terms of installation space and energy requirements, with the low initial costs. Swapable battery systems can also be developed.


Highest flexibility with low initial investment.

Ideally implement small series and prototypes - adapt the installation space during the project without having to invest in molds - the battery system simply grows with the project. In this way, you remain as flexible as possible until the final installation space has been determined and this with low initial investment.

Other Applications

Working machines, sports equipment etc. - We find the optimal solution for every requirement.

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