to your needs

Tailored battery pack

Nominal capacity accoring to customer requirements
Voltage (nom.) 24 bis 1000+ V
Module configuration Individual
gravimetric energy density 200 – 230 Wh/kg
Cell technology Lithium-Ion (NCA/NMC)
Cell type Round cells 18650; 21700
Weight according to space requirement
Measurements according to space requirement
Battery management system
  • Single voltage
  • Temperature
  •  SOC Estimation
  •  SOH Estimation
  •  Galvanically isolated CAN interface
  •  Overcurrent protection
  •  Protection against overcharging, deep discharg
  •  Cell Balancing
  •  Freely configurable
Saftety characteristics Single-cell fuse, fire protection matrix, safety enclosure, main contactor, high-end connector
max. continuous discharge until 3C
max. continious charge until 1C
Temperature management passive or active
Lifetime (up to 80% capacity) up to 3000 cycles
Operating temperture – 5°C – +50°C
Conformity accoring to customer requirements
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