offers a safe, flexible and economic battery system based on lithium-ion circular cells – tailored to your needs and requirements – for an economic market entry.

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Unique Battery structure

Thanks to innovative cell fixation, a wide variety of battery geometries can be produced in all three room dimensions. The sandwich construction and materials used make the system extremely flame- and vibration-resistant.

High geometrical flexibility

The EMECTRIC battery system offers the highest geometric freedom and thus a high volumetric and gravimetric energy density – so that the space can be optimally utilized.
In addition to the pure weight, the location of the center of gravity for flight stability is particularly crucial. This is only limited by payload changeable, which is why not the entire remaining space of the aircraft for the battery is usually available. Due to the strong geometric flexibility, the EMECTRIC battery system is able to adapt perfectly to the installation space – and thus supports you in the successful implementation of your project.

Highest Safety

Safety is one of the key requirements in battery development. Through targeted measures, the EMECTRIC battery system also takes this level to a new level:

Embedding the cells in a matrix that thermally isolates the affected cell in case of safety
Robust, stable and vibration resistance due to the unique battery structure
The nature of the cell matrix is made of a highly flame-retardant compound that  cools the thermally continuous cells in an emergency
Comprehensive sensor system and early detection of irregularities by the battery management system
Optional: active cooling system


For the EMECTRIC system we use lithium ion round cells which allow us to achieve very high energy densities of up to 233 Wh/kg at system level (for a complete module with 4kWh incl. housing). The round cells we use are global standards – meaning that you can jump on new technologies of the future at any time.

Integration & Battery Management System

The modular and redundant battery management system has been designed specifically for the use in aircrafts and monitors the battery for single voltage, temperature and can be optionally equipped by g-guards. It also stores this data for interval checks and transmits it in real-time to a controller via low-overhead, customizable, low-overhead, high-efficiency CAN interface.

In addition, the battery management system activates the electromagnetic switch present in each battery module in order to de-energize the other drive components. Thus, it protects the battery in case of failure of other components or in case of malfunction of deep discharge or overcharging.


We would be pleased to assist you in the realization of your product: from the design of the battery to the development, the production of prototypes and the integration into the avionics up to the serial production.The battery is growing with the projects with lowest possible investment costs, since no tooling costs are incurred for variants.


Almost all connections in the EMECTRIC system are reversible. Thus, both individual cells or even the entire cell pack can be exchanged and contacted several times. This allows an easy repair and makes the system easy to recycle and durable. The cells can easily be used in other applications such as home storage in their second life.

We accompany you through the whole project!